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PEC Scholarship Award Recipient Caliegh Anderson


The Pennsylvania Equine Scholarship (PEC) program was created to assist individuals in the opportunity to further their education. An applicant can be furthering their education in any area of interest and in any type of educational menu, but a strong emphasis is given on those who have vigorous involvement in the horse industry. Scholarship applications must be received by June 1st and scholarship applicants are notified by mid Aug. The recipient must complete their first semester of higher education by maintaining a 2.5 grade point average and must verify enrollment for the following semester year. The formal presentation of the scholarship is concluded at VIP night, during the PA Horse World Expo.

Typically, only one scholarship is awarded per year, but during the 2016 process, two of the applicants were outstanding individuals and had strong resumes, therefore two $1000 scholarships were awarded. Applicants must be PEC members by January 31 of the year of applying and demonstrate a strong involvement in various activities, especially within the horse industry.  

Caleigh Anderson

The best way to open an introduction for Caleigh Anderson is to quote from one of the references submitted with her Pennsylvania Equine Council Scholarship (PEC) application; “Caleigh is not your normal, average kid! She is very special. With the help and support of two outstanding parents, Caleigh is able to explore new areas and achieve greatness. She has worked many hours to become the leader she aspires to be. Leadership in youth is so important because it builds our future. Caleigh is our future! She has leadership skills, ambition and PASSION in all the areas she is involved with. The passion she expresses when working with 4-H projects earned her the OUTSTANDING 4-H award! She is far above many of her peers, yet she works well with others and especially younger members. Caleigh is both a team player and a leader.” (Suzanne Boarts, Penn State Extension, Youth Development Educator)

When Caleigh joined PEC she immediately developed methods to introduce the goals and promote PEC by offering an oral presentation on Trail Stewardship during a 4-H clinic. Caleigh did her homework in preparing for this presentation, by contacting Gwen Wills, PEC Trail Stewardship Coordinator. She was able to educate the audience on many aspects of trail stewardship such as, the right and wrong way to use our vast trail systems and how to utilize a pre-riding checklist, along with other elements of trail stewardship. Her presentation was well received by the audience and led to other organizations requesting information on Trail Stewardship.

Caleigh’s involvement in activities are numerous. She was active in 4-H, placing at state competitions, leading a Teen Leadership Council, President of a Junior Board of a local riding club, belonging to the APHA, AjPHA, PPHC, OPHC and involvement in PAC. All these abbreviations of different horse organization can sum up that Caleigh was involved deeply in the horse industry, along with many other interests within her high school, church and community. She recognizes that for all of us to be able to continue to have the right to enjoy our own personal interests, people must be involved and active in organizations to maintain those rights.


In conclusion, PEC commends the applicant's strong ethics for continuing higher education. Her success is achieved with parental/guardian and family support. Caleigh represents the promise of our youth and a bright outlook for her future


Apply for the Pennsylvania Equine Council Scholarship

  • One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded in the
    2018-2019 academic year
  • Must have a current individual or family membership in the Pennsylvania Equine Council (by Jan 31st of the application year).
  • Applicants must have been accepted to a college, university, community college, vocational institute or institute of higher learning (any academic program).
  • Deadline for application is June 1. 
  • Applicants should be active participants in the equine industry and committed to future involvement in the industry.
  • Applicants must meet criteria for applying. 

Guidelines & Information for Applicants


  • Applicants must have a current individual or family membership in the Pennsylvania Equine Council (PEC) as of January 31st.
  • Applicants must have been accepted to a college, university, community college, vocational institute or institute of higher learning (any academic program).
  • Applicants should be active participants in the equine industry and committed to future involvement in the industry.

Application Process

  • The application, guidelines and selection criteria are available from:
  • Scholarship Committee:
  • Any PEC Board of Director - listed on the web site  can assist you in locating an application
  • Applications must be received by June 1.
  • Submission of application by e-mail is preferable.  Mailed applications must be mailed to the address included on application page.
  • The completed application must include:
  • Application (three pages) Includes contact information, participation in activities/organizations, and personal statement topic (about influence of equine activities on career goals. (no more than 500 words)
  • Three letters of reference. Letters must include the contact information of the reference person and signature: (Please avoid using references from relatives)
  • Two from an adult or equine industry professional (Examples: adult leader, PEC member, trainer, etc.)
  • One from a community leader (Examples: 4-H leader, teacher, pastor, coach, etc.)
  • Letter of acceptance from college, university, community college, etc. and/or current year billing statement (must include applicant’s name and institution’s name and address)
  • Interviews maybe conducted for top candidates (by phone or in person).

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be evaluated on: participation in PEC programs/activities, involvement in equine organizations/activities, personal statement, application form, reference letters, community service and interview (if conducted).
See score sheet for details.

Selection Process

  • A panel of volunteer judges will be responsible for selecting award recipients.
  • Judges will be selected by the Youth Committee and will include persons representing a variety of equine disciplines and backgrounds.
  • Judges will score and rank applicants according to stated criteria. Highest scoring applicant will be awarded the scholarship.
  • Applicants must receive a minimum score of 85 points to be eligible for a scholarship.
  • Incomplete applications or applications lacking all requested items will not be eligible for consideration.

Award Amount

  • Funding for the scholarship varies from year to year and is contingent upon availability of funds. The amount available will be determined by the PEC Board with a minimum amount of $1000. 

Award Presentation

  • Award to be presented at the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo or other designated PEC event with the scholarship recipients receiving a certificate and congratulatory letter.
  • The scholarship check will be presented to the winner after submission of his/her semester grades of at least a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and proof of enrollment for the next semester (send an official copy of selected class schedule for the upcoming semester). 
  • The scholarship check will be made out to the applicant.