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In order to be covered under the Equine Activity Immunity Act law, your facility must have two signs, each measuring 2' x 3' with the specific language "You assume the risk of equine activities pursuant to Pennsylvania Law." The law also requires that these two signs be "conspicuously posted."

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To save on shipping, click here to see if someone is selling signs in your area.  Please note that these locations can name their own price and you should call to make sure they have stock.

If you are buying to RESELL these signs, please see available downloadable form at the bottom of this page in red.  Sales tax exempt form must be included with first order!

Signs can also be ordered and paid for online via Paypal or Credit Card
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
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Compliance Sign

Made of 2' X 3' corrugated polypropylene
suitable for outdoor use

Click here for a blank copy of the order form
Click here to download a tax exempt RESALE order form.
Click here to see an explanation of the Equine Activity Immunity Act
Click here for FAQ's on the Equine Activity Immunity Act
Click here to read the actual Equine Activity Immunity Act 93

For more information about the law or sign compliance please call the PEC office at 888.304.0281.