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Pennsylvania Equine Council Trails Program is focused on education that will promote access to equestrian and shared use sustainable trails on Pennsylvania’s public and private lands.

PEC Trail Committee members set on several state wide committees representing the equestrian community to educate agency and other user groups about equestrian activities and sustainable trail maintenance techniques as well as the importance of access to trails in Pennsylvania’s overall open space, wildlife and agriculture, the #1 industry in the state.

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state with wooded mountains and spectacular views of rivers and farm fields.  The state has nearly five million acres of State Forests and State Parks, National Forest and National Parks as well as Game Commission Lands, much of which can be open for equestrian use. Working with these agencies is vital to keeping equestrian access to trails, as well as parking and camping opportunities.

It is important to know, when riding, whose land you are on and for what purpose that land is managed.  For instance PA’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, State Forests, Allegheny National Forest, under the United States Dept. of Agriculture are all primarily managed for their forestry resources with recreation as a secondary opportunity.  The PA Game Commission is charged with:Protecting, conserving and managing the diversity of wild birds and wild mammals and their habitats; provide wildlife related education, services and recreational opportunities for both consumptive and non-consumptive use of wildlife, and maintaining and promoting Pennsylvania’s hunting and trapping heritage. Recreational use is not in their mandate.

The trails you love could be in jeopardy of being closed and you may not even know about it. State and national budget cuts are affecting maintenance and repair of the existing trails and thus many trails with environmental issues are being closed or may be in the near future.
Everyone can become part of the solution to our vanishing open space. Please investigate the links below to learn how you can protect our equestrian heritage. Sometimes all we need to do is Ride Smarter!  Please email or call with your questions or concerns.

Click Here To Help us Keep Game Land Trails Open!!


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Published in Trail Rider Magazine May 2015

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