PEC would like to share this important information with horse owners…


Equine Enteric Coronavirus
are not equal.

During this emotional time of uncertainty, the Pennsylvania Equine Council would like to share the following valid information regarding Coronavirus found in horses and the COVID-19. Equine Enteric Coronavirus and Covid-19 are both coronaviruses but are distinctly different viruses.

“Equine Enteric Coronavirus and COVID-19 are both coronaviruses but are distinctly different viruses.”

and there is no evidence to indicate that horses could contract Covid-19, or that they would be able to spread the disease to other animals or humans, according to several international health organizations.

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We hope this information helps ease some tense conversation in the equine community. Pennsylvania Equine Council is here to make it easy, affordable, and safe to enjoy horses and participate in equestrian sports in Pennsylvania. You can turn to the PEC to network with businesses and individuals who can help meet equine community needs.

Gail Eichelberger
President, Pennsylvania Equine Council
Dr Ann Swinker
PEC Chair –Equine Health and Regulation