You have seen the name Gailey Legal Group as one of our major sponsors for years. Herm Gailey, in addition to being an attorney, is a horseman and has been one his entire life. As we become “seasoned”, there comes a time when we realize that much of what we routinely do as second nature with our horses as a result of this lifetime of exposure to the animals may not be so second nature to everyone. Herm would like to share this acquired knowledge from his YouTube channel through the PEC website. He and his daughter, Kim, and wife, Jane, have produced some fine quality videos and made them available to us.

Enjoy this YouTube video series by Herm dedicated to horsemanship and horse training, whether for horse show competition or enjoyable and safe trail riding. Herm has spent a lifetime with horses. He is a non-professional rider who has always started and trained his own horses. These self-trained horses have been successful in reining and other disciplines in NRHA, AQHA, and APHA shows, as well as ranch horse competition. Away from the show ring, Herm retains a deep respect and appreciation for good reliable trail riding horses and believes that all horses benefit from this type of riding.

There is nothing for sale here. If these videos help one person avoid fear, frustration, and injury or let one horse get a better deal, that is payment in full.