Member Participation Recognition Program

As you are all aware the Equine Council continues to function as an unpaid all-volunteer organization. There are some out of pocket expenses for which reimbursement is made but all time involved with PEC activities is donated. The Board has long searched for a comprehensive and fair way to recognize the participation of any member in PEC activities beyond simple membership.

The PEC Board of Directors has established a Member Participation Recognition Program (MPRP). Members may earn chances to win valuable prizes by recording their volunteer and event/project participation. The intent is to recognize any and all of our very important volunteers as a major cog in the wheel of our success. However, the Board understands that participation at every level of the organization needs to be included in the recognition program.

This is the program:

I. Purpose – To honor hours of members’ volunteer service to the PEC while still recognizing the value of membership gained thru attendance at any PEC function/activity.

II. Procedure – A drawing will be conducted at the annual meeting from all eligible volunteers and members. Awards may vary as available.

III. Eligibility for drawing chances/tickets based on –
A. Volunteer hours at PEC functions or organized work details.
1. One chance per shift (approximately 4 hours).
2. Statistics to be compiled and submitted by function chairpersons.
a. In a timely fashion.
b. To the PEC Membership chairperson.
(Shawnda Felton –814-771- 7209 or
B. Volunteer hours on solo or non-organized projects to benefit the equine community (if your volunteer hours contribute to the benefit or well- being of the public, log your hours!)
1. One chance per four (4) hour period worked.
2. Times to be tallied on an “honor system” by the volunteer.
3. Times to be submitted to the PEC by the volunteer. a. In a timely fashion. b. To the PEC Membership chairperson. (contact info above)
C. Attendance at meetings or other functions.
1. For every meeting or function attended, members will have one chance entered in the annual drawing.
2. Meetings attended will be interpreted to include the PEC Annual  Meeting, Directors’ meetings, and any  county chapter meeting.
3. Functions would include any activity conducted by county chapters or the state organization.
4. Lead persons conducting the meeting or function will be responsible to submit names and hours to PEC Membership Chairperson (contact info above).

To explain a bit further — With the exception of volunteers working alone on a project, every PEC activity will have a lead person (project chair, program chair, meeting chair, etc.). That lead person will be responsible to submit membership attendance (this information has always been routinely recorded at activities) to the Membership chairperson who will keep and compile statistics. Reporting may be done electronically or in traditional manners. Hours

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To record and submit your volunteer hours, please download the appropriate form below and submit it to Shawnda Felton, our Treasurer, at

Individual Volunteer PEC Hours
Group Volunteer PEC Hours