!! 2020 WINNERS !!

At their annual membership meeting, the Pennsylvania Equine Council conducted a drawing awarding a Toro self-propelled lawn mower and a Toro leaf blower to two deserving members. The drawing was a new program, designated the Member Participation Recognition Program, to recognize participation by PEC members in any/all PEC activities. One chance for participation in each recognized PEC activity was recorded and entered in the drawing. Examples of a recorded chance included but are not limited to attendance at a PEC County Chapter meeting or a PEC Board meeting (open to all members and guests), PEC educational seminar, PEC organized trail activity, etc. Furthermore, one chance was entered for each block of four hours of volunteer time given to the PEC by any member. This includes all the volunteer time devoted to manning our booths at various venues as well as trail building and maintenance by PEC members who have successfully attended any of the PEC trail stewardship classes or one day workshops. Lead people on organized projects submit the recorded chances to a designated person. Member volunteers, working solo or on unorganized projects also submit their time in four-hour blocks to a designated person for recording until drawing time.

This year’s drawing had chances that represented more than 2700 volunteer hours all contributing to the PEC missions of education, preservation, information and legislation through our seminars, workshops, booths and learning center. Our hard-working volunteers putting into practice what they have learned through our seminars and workshops earn an equal share of credit for contributing to our mission. We can’t thank them enough.

This year’s winners were Trudy Myers from York, PA, receiving the Toro Mower and Bev Rice from Greencastle, PA, receiving the Toro Blower. Both pieces of equipment were given through the generosity of Steve Andersen at Manufacturers Discounts for the Horse World.

This program will be ongoing so beginning in 2021, start keeping track of your attendance at PEC meetings, PEC seminars, PEC workshops and your volunteer hours at PEC venues! You could be 2021’s winner!

Trudy Meyers Mower Winner (left) Aleta Seifert Presenter
Bev Rice Blower Winner (left) Linda Golden Presenter