The Mission of the Pennsylvania Equine Council

  1. To represent and promote the interests of the entire equine community and industry in Pennsylvania.
  2. To provide educational programs for the equine community and the general public that lead to more effective management, safety and opportunities for equestrian activities.
  3. To enhance communication among all equine enthusiasts.
  4. To protect and preserve the equine heritage in Pennsylvania.

Aims and Objectives of the Pennsylvania Equine Council

The overall goals and aims of the PEC is to make it easier, more affordable, safer, and more enjoyable to own equines and participate in equestrian sports in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Among the PEC’s accomplishments:

  • The PEC was instrumental in the passage of the Equine Activity Immunity Act 93 of 2005. This liability legislation creates a competitive insurance market and results in improved access to horses, fewer barriers for new people entering the world of horse sports, less risk and more peace of mind for horse owners and growth for the state’s horse industry. Legislation introduced eleven years in a row died in committee ten times. The first hearing ever was held on HB 896 in October, 2003. Similar bills had passed in 44 states, and 66 members of the PA House of Representatives signed on as co-sponsors.
  • The PEC has taken the lead in trails issues, working with land managers and training trail riders as well as other non-motorized trail users to “Leave No Trace” and in the process ensure that access to trails will continue for generations to come. Land managers across the state are welcoming horse owners as partners in the ongoing challenge to build and maintain a sustainable trails system.
  • The PEC has trained numerous fire departments how to deal with the special situation of horses caught in a barn fire.
  • In 2017 the American Horse Council conducted an economic impact study of the equine industry nationwide. The Pennsylvania Equine Council made it possible to get a breakout study of Pennsylvania specifically.
  • The PEC gathered experts to educate horse owners on a variety of topics from nutrition to manure management at Pennsylvania Horse World Expo.
  • The PEC has provided help, support and information to countless horse owners facing challenges of all kinds, from legal to employment.

To be effective, the PEC needs to hear from, garner support from, and be able to communicate with all the state’s horse owners. Pennsylvania ranks fourth in the United States in numbers of horses — our numbers are large and impressive. If we work together, we can ensure a healthy industry with the infrastructure, laws and protection we need to make Pennsylvania a great place to own and ride horses for generations to come.

We can’t do it without your membership, support, ideas and participation. Join the PEC now.