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License Plate FAQ

License Plate FAQ

What is the process for ordering my PEC license plate?

You may download an application by clicking on “Pay by Check”, fill out the form and mail it to the address on the bottom of the application with your check payable to Pennsylvania Equine Council.  OR, you may “Pay Online” by clicking the desired option and using your credit card.  Upon receipt of your check/application or online payment, PEC will mail to you the MV-904-SP form required by PennDOT to process your plate request. There will be an instruction sheet included with this mailing as well as a Frequently Asked Questions sheet.  The MV-904-SP form must be completed by you and mailed back to PEC in the self-addressed envelope which is included with your MV-904-SP.  (If you are not internet active, you may call 888-304-0281 and we will mail an application to you).

Can I choose my own numbers or personalize the license plate?

Yes, you may personalize your plate and choose your own numbers but it is an additional cost of $128 (made payable to the Pennsylvania Equine Council) that should be included when you send your MV-904-SP form back to the Pennsylvania Equine Council.

How long does the license plate application process take? When will I receive my plate?

The PEC will submit the completed MV-904SP applications it receives to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles twice monthly. Once the Bureau of Motor Vehicles receives your application, it takes approximately 6 weeks until the license plate arrives in your mailbox because the plates are not pre-made. They are made as applications are submitted.


Due to the PennDOT covid situation, this process has been taking longer than normal to complete. Please keep this in mind.

I have a Person with Disability license plate. Can I get the PEC plate with this logo?

PennDOT is unable to offer any specialty plate with the Person with Disability insignia. A member can apply for the PEC plate and apply for a Person with Disability placard, which hangs on the rear-view mirror.

My registration is due soon (or I just renewed my registration). What should I do?

Purchasing the PEC plate does not automatically renew your registration. You will not be paying twice by purchasing this specialty plate as this one-time $48 fee covers the cost of the new plate, not your annual registration fee. If your registration expires within the next few months, we recommend you renew your registration first. At that point, apply for the PEC plate. This ensures that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles is not processing both your registration renewal and application for a new plate at the same time! When your new plate arrives, it will come with a registration card (showing your new license plate number).

Do I need to be a member of the PEC to display this plate?

Yes, and if you are not currently a member, by paying the $73 fee as a non-member you will automatically be enrolled as a PEC member for one year.

Can I purchase a plate for my horse trailer?

Yes. Specialty plates in PA are restricted to passenger vehicles, trucks with a registered gross weight less than 14,000 lbs., trailers and motorhomes. Motorcycles do not qualify for specialty plates.

How do I make payment? Where do I send my check?

Payment for the specialty PEC license plates can be made two ways…either by check with your application or by PayPal when you apply online.


The PA Bureau of Motor Vehicles will NOT process applications that come directly to them. The Pennsylvania Equine Council must process your application then forward it to the Bureau. If you lease your vehicle, you will need to fill out an additional form that gives you ownership of the plate.  Form MV-1 is not available online. This form must be completed by an authorized agent of the department. Most notaries, dealers, and messenger services are authorized agents and will be able to complete an application for title and issue you a temporary registration.

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