Cooperating with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), our State Forest and State Parks system, is vital to keep Equestrian Trails open. The DCNR participates with the Pennsylvania Equine Council’s Trail Stewardship Program and has asked us to convey the following information about requirements for volunteers.

The DCNR Conservation Volunteer Program was established as a Department-wide initiative by the Conservation and Natural Resources Act, Act of 1995, P. L. 89, No. 18, Section 310. The program encourages active participants to help the Department carry out its mission of stewardship of the state forests and state parks.

For our purposes, a Conservation Volunteer is someone who provides services without monetary compensation to an area administered by DCNR and who is not compelled by legal authority to provide these services. The Conservation Volunteer Program provides assistance to the work areas while providing volunteers with quality, outdoor-related experiences. It is a “value added” program that allows the Department to “stretch the budget.” Volunteers serve in a supplemental capacity and work for the DCNR manager or a designated representative.

Volunteer projects must be approved in advance and require an agreement that is signed by the DCNR manager and the Conservation Volunteer. The agreement contains the specifics of the project(s).

There are two categories of volunteers. Category I volunteers are individuals or organizations who serve without compensation and are not affiliated with a compensating agency. Category II volunteers are individuals and organizations who are covered by Workers’ Compensation through their organization, agency or place of work.

  • Category I and II Conservation Volunteers are treated as employees of the Commonwealth for purposes of automotive and general liability.
  • Category I volunteers are covered by workers’ compensation.
  • Conservation Volunteers must wear safety equipment and clothing as required by the participating Bureau. Field offices will provide their volunteers with the required safety equipment and clothing.

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DCNR Conservation Volunteer Program for your local state forest or state park

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